Dating works best when it's fun. But there's a difference between 'fun' and 'casual'. Fun means: positive, enjoyable, smiling, fun to be around - all great things to have on a date. Casual means: not serious, engaged or genuine - all bad things to have on a date. Here's why:
  1. Quality is as quality does: in dating and in life, the best candidates always have options. If you meet someone great, assume that they are looking for someone serious, or that's exactly what they'll do after your first date.
  2. Meaning matters: the best things in life are not superficial. Focus on meaningful, interesting discussion topics on your date and you'll find dating more enjoyable, and successful.
  3. Seriously not serious: taking dating seriously doesn't mean being serious on your date... being positive, light and fun is always your best bet when you're meeting someone new.
  4. Players dilemma: with the advent of free online dating, it can be a lot easier to date multiple people at the same time by not telling your dates the whole story. Here's the catch, to make a real connection with someone you need to be your true self, which is hard to do when you're not being truthful.
  5. Take your time: you'll generally have better results by focusing MORE on LESS dates. Focus on screening your matches beforehand to ensure some basic compatibility before you find yourself experiencing 'dating burnout'. If you're unable or just too busy to screen your matches, hire a personalized matchmaking service like Executive Search Dating to do it for you:
  6. True chemistry happens below the surface: to really connect with someone you need more than just pure physical attraction. In fact, matchmakers will tell you that chemistry can quickly fade when there's nothing to connect you besides looks. Focus on getting to know your date beyond their looks alone, and you'll soon find yourself connecting on all levels.
  7. Word of mouth: even in those cases where you meet someone and there's no 'sparks', you're better off to leave them with the impression that you are serious, genuine and a real 'catch'. Who knows, their best (single) friend might be your perfect match!
  8. Beware the 'dating vicious cycle': casual dating can often lead to many bad dates, where you're not truly connecting with people. This can make you feel negative about dating and even hurt your own self confidence, which makes the situation worse. Welcome to the 'dating vicious cycle'.
  9. Hard wired to connect: people are generally built to value meaningful connections and experiences over simple casual or fleeting encounters. Particularly as you move from your 20's into your 30's, 40's and beyond, you'll find you derive more pleasure from deeper connections, conversations and feelings.
  10. Take it easy: now that we've convinced you to date seriously, here's our next piece of advice: be relaxed, be yourself and take it easy on your first date. Telling someone on a first or second date how serious you are about finding someone special, or getting married, or having a family will almost guarantee that it won't happen with that particular person. There'll be plenty of time to discuss all these topics, but a first or second date isn't that time.