Month: April 2019
The 5 Most Important Things To Look For In A Partner

You’ve met someone new and you’re ready to take the next step – a relationship! But what should you be looking for to tell if they’re truly ‘The One’ for you? Well, there’s not just one thing. There’s 5 – and here they are: The same direction in life:  its important that two people have… Continue reading →

7 Simple Strategies To Help You Find Love

You're single & ready to find your relationship - but where to start? Here's the truth: where you start doesn't matter.  Any road will take you there, you just need the right strategy to find your special someone. Here's 7 simple strategies to help you find love: 1. THE ‘YOU’LL FIND LOVE WHEN YOU’RE NOT… Continue reading →

6 Things You’re Doing That Will Kill Your Relationship

Do you want to find the person of your dreams? Then be the person of their dreams. Often, the biggest obstacle to relationship bliss is NOT your partner, its you. Maybe its time you take a step back, and get out of the way of your own happiness. But how you ask? Start by stopping… Continue reading →

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