Month: May 2019
The Real Reason You’re Not Getting 2nd Dates Has Nothing To Do With You

If you're looking for a relationship, online dating apps can be frustrating. Endless first dates that seem to lead nowhere. But maybe its not your fault. Maybe its even a good thing? The path the dating success is never a straight line. Even if it was, you'd never learn anything about yourself along the way.… Continue reading →

5 Ways Love Is Good for Your Health

Finding a lasting relationship feels good. But its good for you too. Not just physically, but mentally as well. How you ask? In these 5 ways: Love makes you happy:  when you first fall in love, dopamine, the feel-good brain chemical associated with reward, is especially active. That is a mood intensifier, so people feel… Continue reading →

People Come In 4 Types — And Two Of Them Tend To Make The Best Match

There are lots of things that determine a couple’s long-term compatibility – their values, their goals, their idea of fun, their commitment to work. But what also matters is what "type" you are - and what "type" is your partner. Some types go together like bread & butter. Others like oil & water. So which type… Continue reading →

3 Invaluable Dating Habits That Get Easier Over Time

You've been dating & you're serious about finding a relationship partner? Good. Learning from your dates, so that you INCREASE your chances of truly connecting with someone special? Great! Successful dating isn't complicated - it actually comes down to 3 key dating habits. Here they are! Put yourself out there:  if you've been single for… Continue reading →

8 Ways To Meet Someone Special That Don’t Involve Online Dating

You're ready for a relationship but tired of online dating. Its time you tried something new. Not all ways of meeting people happen online - in fact, the best ones don't. But where can you find other fabulous singles just like you? Here's 8 proven ways: Have a hobby:  where can you find someone like-minded?… Continue reading →

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