Month: June 2019
Why It’s Better To Have An “Okay” First Date Than An “Incredible” First Date

Dating - like life - is an expectations game. When you're expecting something incredible, life usually disappoints (how could it not?). But when you keep your expectations in check - you're often surprised to the upside. Matchmakers will also tell you this: when you first meet someone and have "incredible" chemistry, you often overlook the… Continue reading →

The Secret Ingredient To Lasting Love

Are you confused about how to make love last? Here’s the key ingredient that’s often overlooked: when relationships break down, you can bet that respect has already gone out the window. But rather than trying to figure out all the different components of how to make love last, focus instead on creating an atmosphere of… Continue reading →

2 Snap Judgments Your Date Makes When They Meet You — And How To Overcome Them

First impressions matter - in dating & in life - whether you like it or not! People generally ask themselves two questions when they meet someone new: "Can I trust this person?" and "Can I respect this person?". But this doesn't have to be a bad thing. It just means you need to MASTER the… Continue reading →

4 Signs You’re A Perfect Match

Your perfect match is out there somewhere, but they’re probably not perfect. Then again, unless you’re ‘perfect’ yourself, meeting someone who is won’t necessarily be a perfect match for you. The key to relationship success is finding someone who’s not perfect, but perfect for YOU. It’s not just about looks and immediate “chemistry”, its also… Continue reading →

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