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5 Ways To Meet Someone New This Holiday Season (That Don’t Include Online Dating)

The weather outside may be frightful, but your love life doesn’t have to be.

The holidays are actually a GREAT time to meet someone new! Here’s how:

  1. Volunteer for Holiday Help:  give back during the holidays. Try to find out how you can help at a local toy drive or a homeless shelter. You may meet someone who shares your interest in charitable work.
  2. Go to holiday events throughout the city:  no matter where you live, your community is bound to be alive with holiday cheer. Head to your local city center and take in the lights and the festivities. There’s something about a festive event that brings people out. Maybe you’ll meet someone new!
  3. Be the (Xmas) party:  instead of waiting for someone to throw a Christmas party, throw one yourself. Be sure to ask your friends to invite their single friends too.
  4. Office parties:  of course, do attend your own office party, but avoid making a scene you’ll later regret. A friend’s office party, however, can be a more relaxed and effective way to meet other single professionals.
  5. Hire a professional:  professional matchmaking services like Executive Search Dating consider December to be peak dating season, with lots of busy singles and professionals looking to meet new people. Contact us today – you have nothing to lose but your single life!

11 Things Your Date Decides Within Seconds Of Meeting You

Sometimes, your date is over before it even begins.

First impressions matter, in dating & in life. Giving someone the wrong impression about you at the start of your date can ruin your chances – even if you’re both actually a perfect match!

But here’s the good news: you can control the first impression you present to your date & INCREASE your chances of a love connection. Here’s how:

  1. Worth it:  showing up tired or disheveled will send a clear message that you’re just not into them (even if you are ). Make an effort.
  2. Trust:  being true to your word helps build trust; constantly re-scheduling your date sends the opposite message. Make your plan, then make it happen.
  3. Respect:  showing up late to your date sends a subtle message that your time is worth more than theirs. Be on time.
  4. Life together:  your appearance matters, and says a lot about who and where you are in life.  Do your best to look your best.
  5. Smart:  holding someone’s gaze while you’re talking sends a message that you’re smart. Stay focused on them, and they’ll be focused on you.
  6. Confident:  nerves are a natural part of a first date, but smiling sends a message of confidence, the sexiest quality of all.
  7. Kind:  holding the door & saying thank you (to your date and the restaurant staff) sends a message that you’re kind – and who doesn’t want to spend time with someone kind?
  8. Interesting:  be prepared with some interesting conversation topics; ideally ones that you know your date will be interested in too. Boring someone into submission is a terrible strategy.
  9. Interested:  active listening is the key to a real connection and, ultimately, a successful date (and relationship). Listen at least as much as you talk on your date.
  10. Serious:  if you’re date’s going well, don’t wait until the next day or even the end of the date to propose a 2nd date. You’ll never have a better chance.
  11. Sincere:  tell a story that tells your date something about you – perhaps a recent travel story, or a concert/movie you saw recently and loved (and why). Hint: avoid negative topics or overly personal stories; at least on a first date.

6 Tips To Turn Your Date Into A Relationship

If you’re ready for a relationship. You must learn the skill (and art) of ‘positive dating’.

What on earth is ‘positive dating’ you ask?

It’s dating with intention. Dating with purpose. And dating that will lead you to a relationship. (and yes, its also a lot of fun).

Sound complicated? Well, its not. Here’s 6 ways to turn your date into a relationship:

  1. Seriously:  if you’re looking for something serious, be serious about dating. No, that doesn’t mean turning your dates into ‘interviews for the life partner position’ – it means: be true to your word, treat your date with the respect they deserve, and go on 2nd and 3rd dates whenever possible.
  2. Look the part:  if you show up sloppy and disheveled on your date, you’ll soon have plenty of time to freshen up – at home, alone after a failed first date. Put some effort into your appearance; it sends your date a message of respect (and you’ll probably look good too).
  3. Be positive:  an essential element to ‘positive dating’ is being positive. Complaining about your job, or your lousy dating life on a date will lead to one sure thing – that trend will continue with this failed date.  People want to be around positive people – be that person.
  4. Give it time:  no matter how well (or poorly) a first or second date goes, you’ll likely not know for sure whether you’re a good match or not. Your best best: see your date again (and again) – even if it doesn’t turn into a love connection, you might just make a new friend out of it – and maybe they’ll know someone who’s perfect for you!
  5. End well leads to all well:  regardless of how your date goes, make every effort to end it on a positive note – even if one or both of you realize there’s just no chance of chemistry. Sending someone a nice text or message thanking them for the date, and wishing them the best in their search can go a long way to your own future dating success.
  6. Visualize success:  nothing good ever comes from imagining the worst outcome. Imagine your date going well – prepare accordingly and look the part – and it probably will. If you’re feeling down about dating (and your dates), consider taking a break from dating for a while until you’re feeling more positive. If that doesn’t work, hire a dating professional (like Executive Search Dating) and we’ll help get your love life back on track in no time flat! Contact us today to get things started.

5 Times You Should Consider Meeting With A Professional Matchmaker

Is your dating life frustrating?

You’re not alone!

Dating CAN be frustrating, particularly if you’re a busy professional who’s ready for a serious relationship.

Here’s 5 times you should consider QUITTING online dating and meeting with a professional matchmaker:

  1. Time is money:  when you’re a busy single or professional, you don’t have time for bad dates. Hiring someone who can do all the leg work & introduce you to compatible singles that have real relationship potential just makes sense (& cents). Period.
  2. Screening matters:  part of meeting your special someone is meeting people that have the basic qualities you’re looking for in a relationship partner. Going on 10 online dates that don’t have the qualities you’re looking for doesn’t help you find someone special. In fact, it may lead you to give up on your search. Having a professional matchmaker pre-screen your matches for you can help.
  3. Safety matters:  when you’re meeting matches who may or may not be who they claim to be, its hard not to be a bit nervous (particularly if you’re a woman). Being a bit nervous on a first date isn’t always a bad thing – sometimes it means you’re excited. But being nervous about your own safety is never a good thing.
  4. Easy does it:  finding time in your busy schedule to arrange a date can be a real challenge. If you’re both busy its twice as hard. Having a professional matchmaker take care of all the date arrangements makes dating easier – which means you’re more likely to show up on your date in a positive frame of mind. This can increase your chances of a love connection.
  5. Fine tuning:  finding someone special isn’t always easy, particularly if you’re working off a fixed set of criteria that never change.  Giving post date feedback to a professional matchmaker can help them (and you!) fine tune your criteria to increase the chances of finding your perfect match.