Month: April 2020
Beware “Serial Daters” And How To Spot Them

Professional matchmakers know this: one of the MOST important (and least discussed) criteria in finding a compatible relationship partner is ‘relationship readiness’; theirs and yours. You may meet someone who has many or most of the qualities that you are looking for, but if they are not truly looking for a relationship then the chances… Continue reading →

4 Signs Your Relationship Is Built To Last

Do you want the perfect formula to make your relationship last forever? Sadly, it doesn’t exist. But here’s the good news: there ARE signs! Important traits that all successful couples share. If your relationship has them, consider it a strong beacon of happiness ahead. Here’s 4 signs your relationship is built to last: The trust… Continue reading →

7 Essential Relationship Skills

We’ve all seen the movie: boy meets girl, sparks fly, and they live happily ever after. But is that REALLY the way love works? Actually, no. The truth is that you can and must IMPROVE your relationship skills – to help you find and build happiness in a long-term relationship. Here are the 7 essential… Continue reading →

The Importance Of Finding Someone Special In Challenging Times

Relationships matter. Now, more than ever. There WILL be some great stories of connection and finding love that will come out of all this. Will your story be one of them? Executive Search Dating is still here to bring love & connection, and match you with others who are relationship ready. Physical distancing doesn't have… Continue reading →

6 Ways To Make Someone Remember You Forever

So you’ve just met someone you REALLY like – but how can you leave a lasting impression on them, so they’ll want to see you again (and again)? With the right words and actions, almost anyone can create a captivating presence. Here’s 6 ways to be memorable when you’ve met someone new: Put on your… Continue reading →

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