Month: September 2020
5 Things Never To Say In The First 30 Seconds Of A Date

Sometimes, your promising date is over before it even begins. Words matter – in dating & in life – particularly when you’ve only just met someone. Saying the wrong thing at the beginning of your date can ruin what just might have been a spectacular dating success story. Don’t panic. But DO avoid saying these 5 things… Continue reading →

6 Date-Ending Mistakes You Should Never Make

Some dating mistakes are worse than others. But some are downright “chemistry killers”. You’re on a date and its going well, or at least you think it is. Then, all of a sudden, things change and your date is asking for the bill and heading for the exits. How did this happen? Well, it’s possible… Continue reading →

The Two Most Important Behaviors In Successful Relationships

So you’ve met someone special. Now comes the hard part? Not exactly. Creating a successful relationship isn’t easy, but that doesn’t mean its complicated either. The key to successful relationships comes down to two powerful behaviors: learn them, practice them & don’t ever forget them – and your single days will be long gone before… Continue reading →

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