Month: October 2020
The First Thing You Should Do On Every Date

Some good dates fly by in an instant. Some bad dates seem to go on forever. Do you ever ask yourself why? Because: good dates start well and get better. Bad dates start poorly and get worse. First impressions matter in life, and even more so in dating. But its not just about how you… Continue reading →

5 Phrases That Kill Chemistry – And Why You Need To Stop Using Them

You’ve met someone new and you’re on a date, and things are going great. Then, all of a sudden, your date asks for the check and heads for the exit – never to be heard from again. What happened you ask? Well, maybe your date lost interest because of something you said or did –… Continue reading →

5 Terrible Pieces Of Dating Advice You Should Never Follow

In dating, bad advice is worse than no advice at all. Being unprepared for your date is not ideal, but its not the end of the world. Here’s what’s worse: being prepared for your date (with the wrong dating advice). If you want success in dating, you need to balance preparation with being in the moment. Sound difficult?… Continue reading →

10 Biggest Relationship Deal Breakers

Relationships can be hard work. But how do you know if its time to stick with it, or time for a change? No relationship is perfect – but good relationships should make you feel secure, respected & happy much (if not most) of the time. Bad relationships make you feel drained, depleted & sometimes even… Continue reading →

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