Month: January 2021
Forget Chemistry – The Most Important Quality In A Romantic Partner Is Much Harder To Spot

When you dream about your perfect partner, what do they look like? I’ll bet they’re very attractive – exactly your physical type, right? Physical chemistry is important – who are we kidding – but what happens when your dream relationship runs into real-life problems? Well, physical chemistry alone won’t save you. But this essential relationship… Continue reading →

5 Facts About “Chemistry” That You’ll Never Guess

Dating – it is sometimes said – comes down to one thing: “Chemistry”. Do you feel it, do they have it, what creates it, will I ever find it? Although chemistry sometimes feels like magic, it’s actually far more basic than that – a connection you feel with someone that goes beyond the physical. Here… Continue reading →

7 Bad Habits That Are Sabotaging Your Love Life

Do you ever feel like the dating odds are stacked against you? Finding your perfect match seems so random – like a game of chance, or a pure numbers game. You’re awesome, so why is it so hard to find someone equally awesome? The truth is you might be your own worst enemy – here’s… Continue reading →

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