Remember when online dating was a "new & exciting" way to meet new people. If you're a busy single or professional, those days are long gone. Yes, every way you meet someone new is a good way, but if you're time constrained and don't want to go on lots of dates that lead nowhere, online dating apps may not be your best option. Here's 3 alternatives to online dating & dating apps that may get you better dating results with less frustration:
  1. Old school:  since when did meeting people in the real world become such a big deal? Yes, Vancouver has a bad reputation as an unfriendly city. No, you shouldn't let that stop you. Next time you're out with friends, approach someone new (a single, group or couple) and say 'hi'. You'll be surprised how easy & natural it feels. Next step: repeat.
  2. Use what you love to find love:  doing the things you love can lead you to meeting people who have shared interests. If you love sailing, take some sailing lessons or join a sailing club; if you're a foodie, take some cooking classes; if you're a health nut, join a running club. In addition to meeting some new (like-minded) people, you'll spend more time doing the things you love.
  3. Outsource your love life:  you wouldn't buy a house or hire an essential employee without some professional help, so why does 'do-it-yourself' seem like the only option when it comes to your love life these days? Hire a Matchmaker and let them do the hard work of finding compatible matches for you, so you can enjoy dating again.