Dating is the best way to find your special someone. But when do you switch off your "dating mode" and turn on your "relationship mode"? And why? The answer:  because perfecting your "dating skills" will lead you to a life of endless dating & singledom. In particular, beware that classic dating tip "dating is a numbers game." It just might lead you to dating despair. Here's 3 reasons why:
  1. Elusive perfection:  it's normal to think that Mr. or Ms. Perfect is out there waiting for you. Any they probably are. But that perfect person may not necessarily look or sound exactly as you imagined them. The only way you'll know is to spend quality time getting to know them, and that's hard when you're forever focused on the next match.
  2. Your Love life, in focus:  when you're forever looking for the next, better match, it's almost impossible to focus on the person you've just met. And, the match you haven't met yet (particularly on Tinder or online) will almost certainly seem more appealing. Until you meet them, that is. Put down your smartphone, turn off your computer and focus on connecting with that person right in front of you. There's no app for that.
  3. The world's most beautiful number:  no matter how many dates you go on, you're really just looking for one special person. Once you've met someone you've connected with, stop dating and focus on them. Re-directing your dating energy towards one person will lead to more happiness than 10 dates ever will.