Looks matter - in dating & in life. But what if you don't look like a movie star? Even better. You may notice someone's 'outer qualities' first, but its their 'inner qualities' that will determine your true relationship compatibility. Here's 3 underrated traits that will help you truly connect with someone new - more than a pretty face ever will.
  1. Friendly:  you may think friendly is boring, but here's the truth - friendly is a powerful enabler that leads to a true connection and, yes, even chemistry. Of course be friendly with the person you're with - but even more importantly, be friendly with everyone else around you (especially your dates friends!).
  2. Open-minded:  saying 'no' is often easier than saying 'yes' - but in a romantic setting it can be a true chemistry-killer. No, going skinny dipping after your first date is not advisable (or safe), but saying yes to new things - and life in general - will make your 'relationship score' soar. Noone wants to spend their life with a grumpy pants.
  3. Listening:  as the song goes - 'you can listen as well as you hear'. I get it, when you're nervous you can talk too much - that's natural. But become a better listener and you will also become a better friend, a better date and, yes, a better relationship partner.