If it feels like your dating life is bad, you’re lucky. The more difficult problem: you think its going great, when its actually not. Online dating apps & social media can make you feel more connected – and they can be okay for dating casually or for friends. But what if you’re not meeting anyone you would consider as ‘relationship potential’? The key to successful dating? Don’t be these 4 dating types:
  1. The perfectionist:  the most likely place you’ll meet your dream partner? In your dreams. We all have criteria that we’re looking for in a partner – and that’s normal – but make sure your list doesn’t become so long that no-one makes the grade.
  2. The (overly) patient one:  desperation is never a good look, and it certainly won’t lead to successful dates. But the flip side can be equally bad – waiting on your living room sofa for Mr or Ms Perfect to sweep you off your feet is a lousy strategy. Be proactive – get out with some friends, visit some new neighborhoods, go to a music festival! You may not meet your perfect match right away, but it’ll make you feel good – and that’s a very sexy quality indeed.
  3. The busy body:  if you’re a busy professional, it can be hard to find the time to meet someone new – and spending your spare time swiping profiles on dating apps won’t help. Consider using a professional matchmaking service like Executive Search Dating. We’re specialized in helping busy people like you find compatible singles – no matter how busy you are. You’ve nothing to lose but your single life!
  4. Negative Nate/Nelly:  dating can be frustrating, particularly when you’re not meeting the type of person your looking for – we totally get that. But beware the ‘Dating Vicious Cycle’:  you’re frustrated about your dating life – your negative attitude starts making an appearance on your dates – which makes your dating life even worse – repeat. If you’re feeling down about dating, it’s okay to take a break for a while. Spend some time with people you love doing things you enjoy – putting a smile back on your face is the single best thing you can do for your dating life.