If you've just had a bad date, remember this: good dates are great. But bad dates are more useful. Everyone wants to meet someone special, and feeling that elusive chemistry with someone new is exciting. But dating doesn't always work that way. Sometimes your date falls flat. Here's 5 lessons you can learn from your failed date, so it doesn't happen again:
  1. The expectations game:  expecting your date to be amazing may be your first mistake. The most amazing dates happen, in fact, when you're simply looking forward to meeting someone new, not when you're expecting Prince or Princess Charming to magically appear. Relax.
  2. The 'Ex' factor:  talking about your ex, or letting your date go on and on about theirs, is a sure-fire chemistry killer. The solution: stop talking about your ex on your dates. And if your date starts talking about theirs, politely change the subject. Fast.
  3. Location, location, location:  not every hot spot is a great place for a first or second date - in fact, some are terrible. Try and find a date place with the right balance between 'cool & fun' and 'not too crazy busy/loud/hectic'. If you haven't found such a place yet, keep looking (or ask a single friend for suggestions).
  4. The killer question:  asking someone why they're single on a date will almost certainly lead to a failed date. How are they supposed to answer? "It's going great!" or "Its really lousy!" - would either answer make you feel better (besides making them feel awkward)? Stop asking the question - there'll be a time for all that but a first or second (or third or fourth) date isn't that time.
  5. Mirror, mirror:  at the heart of any improvement in your love life - or life in general - is self-awareness. If you're not connecting with people, ask yourself why? Maybe its your (shabby) attire; maybe its the bags under your eyes or the fact that you look (and are) unhealthy? In this world of ours, likes attract likes. If you want to meet & connect with someone fabulous - be that person. The only thing you can truly control in life is yourself. Get on it!