When you're ready for a relationship and tired of searching, it's easy to feel frustrated - even discouraged. When that happens, you tend to over-complicate things. Truth is, the real solution to achieving your relationship goals is not to COMPLICATE things, but to SIMPLIFY them. Here's 5 simple steps to do just that:
  1. Focus:  it's hard to stay focused in today's world of online dating & dating apps. It seems everywhere you turn there's a new way to meet someone new. But if you're relationship-minded, your best bet is to focus on those methods and activities where you're most likely to meet compatible, relationship-minded singles, not just casual date partners.
  2. Less is more:  in the world of dating & relationships, quality is always more important that quantity. Resist the urge to fill your social calendar up with an endless array of activities - make sure you're leaving some time to recharge your batteries, and make time to see people that you've already connected with a 2nd or 3rd time.
  3. Make it fun:  unlike your job or career path, the key element in dating is to enjoy the journey... it's your best bet for really connecting in a positive way with someone new.
  4. Be open & flexible:  the more open you are, the more people you'll likely meet and the more positive impressions you're likely to make. This has a multiplier effect - ie. even when you've met someone that you don't connect with romantically, they may know someone who's a great fit for you.
  5. Keep it fresh:  if you've been trying the same old methods of meeting people and it's not working, try some new methods. Visit some new neighborhoods, try some new activities, go out with some new friends - hire a matchmaker! Repeating the same methods over and over is unlikely to deliver you different results.