If you REALLY want to make a lasting impression on your date, do something special before you're even asked. No it doesn't have to be dramatic or spectacular - it can even be something very simple - but timing is everything! The same gesture that falls flat at the end of the date, might have made a huge positive impact at the beginning of the date. Here's 5 things your date wants you to do without having to ask:
  1. Manners matter:  if you're looking for something serious, you want someone who knows how to act - and the same goes for your date too.  Holding the chair, taking their coat, pouring them some water... sometimes is the simplest gestures that make the biggest impact.
  2. Listen:  its easy to think that you need to do most of the talking on a date - particularly if you're nervous. In fact, the reverse is true. Listen more than you talk, and try building on subjects that your date finds interesting. Pretty soon, they'll find you interesting too.
  3. Be kind:  being kind to your date is one thing (you need to do), but you can also ruin a date by being rude to others (taxi driver, wait staff, the couple sitting next to you). Being rude to others sends the message to your date that you may be rude to them in the future too.
  4. Stay away from toxic topics:  if you've just met someone, you want to keep your date positive. Avoid talking politics, or past relationships or even work stress - good dates should feel like an oasis away from the troubles of the day.
  5. Be focused:  don't let your gaze drift away - it sends the message that you're not really into the date and probably not true relationship material for them. Focus on your date, even if you don't feel amazing chemistry... who knows, if you leave them with a positive impression they may know someone who's a great fit for you!