Successful relationships aren't always perfect or easy. And not everything is a "relationship red flag". But some things are. So how do you know which relationship issues truly matter? Here's 6 "relationship red flags" to worry about, and why:
  1. Life's a (constant) party:  having a few drinks (or more) from time to time can be fun - especially if you're both social.  But if it starts taking over your relationship, pay closer attention.
  2. Lack of close friends:  not everyone wants 100 friends, or wants to be with someone who does. But if your partner has no close friends at all, it might be worthwhile asking why. It doesn't have to be a deal breaker, but it may be a worthwhile conversation to have.
  3. Liar, liar:  the odd white lie doesn't have to be a big deal; but if you're often catching your partner in lies - particularly if they're getting bigger - it may be time to talk.
  4. Too funky for me:  sex is an important part of any successful relationship, and being open-minded and non-judgmental can be an asset. But if your sex life starts veering into areas you're just not comfortable with, its time to communicate that with your partner.
  5. Not working?:  Jobs and careers can have their ups and downs - that's normal. But if your partner doesn't have a job, nor seems very interested in getting one, this could be a red flag for the future.
  6. Negative Nate/Nelly:  noticing how your partner responds to simple requests, like accompanying you to a work event or going to lunch with your parents, could be a good indicator as to how they'll behave in a relationship over time. If its always negative - communicate this with your partner. Whatever relationship problem you have, the solution comes down to this: communication.