If you're not getting the results you want from dating, it can be easy to think there's something wrong with you. Maybe you're just not 'relationship-potential'? But what does that even mean? No-one's perfect, and you'd be surprised how 'imperfect' many successful relationships are on the inside. A first step in finding your relationship, is to recognize the true relationship potential inside you. Here's how:
  1. It matters:  the fact that you're stressing about your own relationship-potential, means that a relationship is important to you. Above all else, being 'relationship-minded' will eventually lead you to someone who feels the same way.
  2. Self-awareness:  having the ability (and willingness) to look critically at yourself and your habits, and be willing to change when required, is an important part of establishing a long term relationship. No-one's perfect - including you and your potential relationship partner.
  3. Dating is trying:  yes dating burnout is real, and should be avoided at all cost. But there's something even worse than dating burnout: not dating at all. If you think your chances of meeting someone aren't great now, imagine how they'll be if you're not making the effort to meet anyone new?
  4. People matter:  even if your dating life is not going great at the moment, there's likely people (or even one person) in your life that matters a lot to you - family, close friends, work acquaintances, etc. Imagine your life without these people in it? So, in reality, you are good at relationships.
  5. You care:  think of the thing or things you care about in your life (friends, family, pet, activities, travel, socializing, etc.). It doesn't have to be a long list, but it should be things that make you feel happy. When you're on a date with someone new, think or even talk about some of these things... it'll show you care, which will greatly increase the chances of your date caring about you.
  6. Embrace your (and their) imperfections:  it's unlikely you'll meet someone perfect, even if you were perfect yourself. More likely: you'll meet someone who's also imperfect, maybe in some of the same ways (ie. maybe they think they're not 'relationship-potential' too). Chemistry and connection work in mysterious ways.