When you're a busy professional, dating can be hard. Firstly, because you don't have a lot of time to waste on bad dates. But also because you want to find someone like you - someone who has their life (and career) together. But before you get frustrated, you need to understand some basic dating rules - rules that are very different than the rules you follow in your daily professional life. Learn these 7 simple dating rules and watch your dating frustration turn into dating success:
  1. Leave it at the office:  it's tempting to spend your date talking about your job, particularly when you're with a professional single, but it's a sure-fire chemistry killer. There'll be plenty of time to find out more details on each other's job, but a first or second date is not that time.
  2. Don't worry, be happy:  no matter how stressed you are at work, do your best to project a positive attitude on your date. Being stressed on a date will lead to a bad date, which will only increase your stress level.
  3. Less profile, more person:  in today's online world, it's easy to base your dating decisions on someone's profile or photo.  The truth is that real connections happen in the real world. Make an effort to meet someone in person before you decide if they're right for you.
  4. The anti-interview:  avoid bringing a checklist (mental or otherwise) to your date. Once your date begins to feel like an interview, it'll be over before you know it.
  5. The ultimate career-booster:  behind most truly successful professionals, is a loving relationship partner. Don't look at finding your relationship as simply a 'nice to have', consider it an essential part of your future happiness AND career success.
  6. Turn off to turn on:  you may spend all of your work day in front of devices, but a date is the perfect time to turn them off and focus on the person you're with. Always remember, your devices won't love you back.
  7. Be smart:  if you're time constrained and ready for a relationship, consider hiring a professional matchmaking service to help you find compatible matches. You wouldn't buy a house without some professional help, so who says you have to go it alone when you're looking for love?