Its hard not to take rejection personally, especially when its from someone you really liked - and maybe even saw as "relationship potential". But here's the truth: relationship success requires both parties to be equally committed. If that's not the case, you're better off finding out now (for whatever reason) than later on down the road. Here's 7 tips to help you move on from rejection & find your (truly) special someone:
  1. One step in a journey:  no, its not the worst thing in the world. In fact, there's something worse - not putting yourself out there at all. Don't stop.
  2. It wasn't the right fit for you:  it may not feel like it now, but it wasn't the right fit if both parties weren't equally into it.  Be sad for a while, but move on.
  3. Reach out:  reach out to friends or family in your inner circle who can remind you of the bigger picture. Their support can be helpful.
  4. Be thankful:  its probably the last thing you feel like doing after being rejected, but do your best to be positive to the other person. There's little benefit in burning bridges with anyone. Who knows, you may even develop a friendship out of it.
  5. Be self-aware:  if this isn't the first rejection, it might be time to look in the mirror and see if there's anything you need to change about your dating approach. Perhaps you're going too fast, or too slow, or maybe you need to freshen up your look, or hire a personal trainer, etc, etc.  No-ones perfect, and that means you (and me) too!
  6. Be open-minded:  when you do get yourself back out there, try this - open up the criteria of what you're looking for in a relationship partner. The best thing you can do for yourself is to start meeting new people again; and the more open are your criteria, the more people you'll meet. Yes, its that simple.
  7. Hire a professional:  the online dating game can be a grind, especially if you're a busy single or professional looking for a relationship. Consider hiring a professional matchmaking service like Executive Search Dating to get your love life moving in the right direction again. Contact us today to find out more!