If you're in a loving relationship, Valentines Day can be great. But if you're single it can be stressful or even depressing. But does it REALLY have to be that way? Actually, no. The first step in overcoming the myths surrounding Valentine's Day is to know what they are. So, here they are: 1. It means everything: the world won’t come to an end if you are dateless on Valentine’s Day. Lose the blues, meet-up with a few friends and use it as a chance to meet some new people. 2. It means nothing: if you do have someone special in your life, make an effort to show them how much you care. Yes, it’s a ‘Hallmark Holiday’, but leaving your sweetheart alone on Valentine’s Day will send the wrong message. 3. You have to celebrate it on February 14th: pick another day around that time and make it your own personal Valentine’s Day. It’ll be much less crowded and less expensive too! 4. It has to be dinner, chocolates and flowers: be unconventional; catch some live music, hit a museum or go ice skating at Robson Square. Creativity always trumps convention. 5. The earth has to move on Valentine’s Day: the best dating moments are ones that come naturally. Don’t feel pressured to do or say anything on Valentine’s Day that you wouldn’t do or say on any other date night. 6. You need to spend lots of money: in the dating world: meaning matters more than money. The best gifts are thoughtful ones, not necessarily expensive ones. 7. If I’m single on Valentine’s Day, I’ll be single all year: actually, Valentine’s Day is NOT the best time to meet someone new. But spring is, and it’s just around the corner!