Are you feeling blue about the end of summer? Well, that’s natural - but if you’re ready for a relationship, here's the good news: Professional Matchmakers may consider summer the "dating season”, but they consider fall the "relationship season". Why you ask? Well actually there’s 7 reasons, and here they are: 1. The numbers game:  it seems like everyone’s away in July and August, but that all changes in September. Practice your best ‘what I did for summer’ stories and introduce yourself to some new people. 2. The ‘Relationship Season’:  spring and summer may be peak ‘dating’ season, but Matchmakers consider fall the ‘relationship season’. Try focussing less on ‘first dates’, and more on 2nd and 3rd dates with someone interesting you’ve met over the summer – fall dating is all about ‘quality over quantity’. 3. The color of love:  ask any Vancouverite and they’ll tell you – September is the most beautiful month of the year. Use this to your advantage and take your date for a romantic stroll through the UBC endowment lands or Stanley Park. Watch your love life blossom amongst the falling leaves. 4. Indoor patio season:  picnic and barbeque season may be behind us, but the indoor patio season has just begun. Try an evening cocktail on the spectacular heated patios at Sandbar in Granville Island or The Cactus Club English Bay. 5. A sporting chance:  you may not be a hard core sports fan (ladies this means you), but many Vancouver single men are. Try your soon-to-be-favourite sports lounge on a game day or night, and stick around after the game to mingle with some new people. Sports knowledge not required. 6. Cuddling weather:  as the temperatures get cooler, what better reason to spend some quality time with your special someone in front of a fireplace near you. If you don’t have a fireplace handy, ‘Netflix and chill’ will also work – note: blanket highly recommended. 7. Bumper Crop:  put your culinary skills to full use – visit a local farmers market together and pick up some local ingredients. Then make a hearty & healthy meal complete with a wine of your choosing. If you’re cooking skills aren’t yet up to par, download a few recipes and turn your dinner into a do-it-yourself cooking event.