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Yes, ‘Cultural Fit’ Matters In Dating — But It May Not Mean What You Think

BC, like most great places in the world, is as multicultural as they come. But what does this actually mean for YOUR love life? It actually means less than you think – in both a good & bad way. Here’s what it means for you: The superficial:  the most immediate impact of dating outside your own… Continue reading →

5 Ways To Meet Someone New This Holiday Season (That Don’t Include Online Dating)

The weather outside may be frightful, but your love life doesn’t have to be. The holidays are actually a GREAT time to meet someone new! Here's how: Volunteer for Holiday Help:  give back during the holidays. Try to find out how you can help at a local toy drive or a homeless shelter. You may… Continue reading →

11 Things Your Date Decides Within Seconds Of Meeting You

Sometimes, your date is over before it even begins. First impressions matter, in dating & in life. Giving someone the wrong impression about you at the start of your date can ruin your chances - even if you're both actually a perfect match! But here's the good news: you can control the first impression you… Continue reading →

6 Tips To Turn Your Date Into A Relationship

If you're ready for a relationship. You must learn the skill (and art) of 'positive dating'. What on earth is 'positive dating' you ask? It's dating with intention. Dating with purpose. And dating that will lead you to a relationship. (and yes, its also a lot of fun). Sound complicated? Well, its not. Here's 6… Continue reading →

5 Times You Should Consider Meeting With A Professional Matchmaker

Is your dating life frustrating? You're not alone! Dating CAN be frustrating, particularly if you're a busy professional who's ready for a serious relationship. Here's 5 times you should consider QUITTING online dating and meeting with a professional matchmaker: Time is money:  when you're a busy single or professional, you don't have time for bad… Continue reading →

7 Signs You’re A Bad Date And Don’t Even Know It

You've just finished your date, and it feels like things went great! But when you text your new flame later, they say they're just not that into you... what gives!? What happened is the date went great for YOU, but not for YOUR DATE. Here's 7 signs you're a bad date, and how to fix… Continue reading →

Relationship Experts Reveal 7 Questions You Should Avoid Asking At All Costs On A First Date

First dates can be a communication minefield. On the one hand, you want to present the best version of yourself to someone who could potentially be your boyfriend or girlfriend. You want to get past the awkward "small talk" and figure out whether the two of you are compatible. But on the other hand, you… Continue reading →

The Top 11 “Relationship Dealbreakers”

Being yourself is important. But if you want a successful long-term relationship, there are two qualities that are even MORE important: being an open communicator with your partner, and being open to change. In a recent study, scientists surveyed over 5,500 singles and revealed their list of the top “relationship dealbreakers”. Here’s the top 11… Continue reading →

8 Warning Signs Of A Date Gone Horribly Wrong

Have you ever been on a date where things went wrong, but you couldn’t figure out why? Or a date where you thought things went great, but when you called your date the next day they told you they weren’t interested in seeing you again? Well it happens. Sometimes chemistry happens for one person but… Continue reading →

Forget Chemistry – The Most Important Quality In A Romantic Partner Is Much Harder To Spot

When you dream about your perfect partner, what do they look like? I’ll bet they’re very attractive – exactly your physical type, right? Physical chemistry is important – who are we kidding – but what happens when your dream relationship runs into real-life problems? Well, physical chemistry alone won’t save you. But this essential relationship… Continue reading →

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