Nothing in the world of dating inspires more excitement AND frustration than the elusive element of "chemistry". Nothing. What makes "chemistry" happen? Can it be created? Will it last?: The answers will likely surprise you. Here are some common "chemistry" facts and myths: CHEMISTRY FACT #1: you should have at least a little bit of chemistry to pursue a long term relationship with someone. CHEMISTRY MYTH #1: you need to have incredible chemistry with someone to pursue a long term relationship with them.   CHEMISTRY FACT #2: chemistry can often start from the moment you meet someone; or it can develop over time. CHEMISTRY MYTH #2: you must have chemistry with someone from the moment you meet them.   CHEMISTRY FACT #3: chemistry is created by a number of factors including physical features, personality traits, sense of humour, shared ideals and life experiences, etc. CHEMISTRY MYTH #3: chemistry is a purely physical element; IE. do you find the person physically attractive?   CHEMISTRY FACT #4: when you have chemistry with someone that starts small and builds over time, it can ultimately lead to chemistry that's 'built to last'. CHEMISTRY MYTH #4: chemistry should be very strong at the outset so that it will last a long time.   CHEMISTRY FACT #5: having at least some chemistry with someone is a good and necessary first step, but you need to connect on a number of levels to sustain a long term relationship. In fact, initial physical attraction is not the most important element in long term relationship compatibility. CHEMISTRY MYTH #5: having great chemistry at the outset, or a lack of chemistry at the outset, will be the key determining factor in long term relationship compatibility.