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Dating Advice

The 5 Easiest Ways To Instantly Ruin A Date

Have you ever walked away from a bad date and asked yourself “what just happened?” You were having a good time and already making plans for a second date in your mind, then ‘BANG!’, your date asked for the bill and headed for the door. Well it happens. Here’s the thing about dating, to have… Continue reading →

The One Question You Should Never Ask On A Date

You’ve heard the saying “there’s no such thing as a bad question”? Well, when it comes to dating – its wrong. Two-way conversation is an important part of a successful date – particularly a first or second date – and asking questions is a big part of that. But not all questions are created equal.… Continue reading →

The Problem Isn’t That Dating Is Unfair – It’s That You Don’t Know The Rules

If you’ve been single for a while, it’s hard not to be frustrated with the dating scene. Seems like everyone is either married, or busy swiping online dating profiles on their phone - and that was even before the pandemic! But dating success is actually closer than you think – in fact, it boils down… Continue reading →

What Your Date Really Wants

Perhaps the most stressful part of a first date is knowing whether your date is enjoying themselves. Are they enjoying your company and already thinking about a second date? Or are they bored and thinking about leaving soon? Here are some proven strategies to make sure your date gets what they want, and some tips… Continue reading →

5 Revealing Questions To Ask On A First Date

Does your dating life feel like a 2nd job? If you answered ‘yes’ – or even ‘sometimes’ – you’re on the wrong track. To find your someone special, you need to make a lasting impression when you first meet them. But how? Well, its not what you say – its what you ask. Here’s 5… Continue reading →

5 Signs You’re A Terrible Date, Even If It Doesn’t Feel Like It

Have you ever thought to yourself “My dating life is going great!” then asked yourself: “But why am I still single?” Sometimes, dating isn’t fair. You may feel like your dates are going fantastic, yet when you follow up for a second date – they’re not interested. Self-awareness is key. Here’s 5 signs your dating… Continue reading →

10 Lies We Tell Ourselves About Dating & Relationships

“Why are you still single?”… is perhaps the most dreaded question that singles face. Whether from family or friends, its the ultimate loaded question. How honestly you answer this question says a lot about your prospects of finding someone special. If you find yourself giving these answers, beware: I’m not ready: if ever there was a… Continue reading →

5 Perfect Opening Lines On Your First Date

Are you dating & looking for something serious? Then know this: good dates start well & get better. Bad dates start poorly & get worse. So how can you make sure your date gets off to a good start? Use one of these five perfect opening lines: “You look fantastic”: sincere compliments are a sure-fire dating… Continue reading →

2 Phrases That Might Be Ruining Chemistry On Your Dates

If you think you know what makes chemistry happen on a date, you’re probably wrong. But what’s easier to spot is when chemistry dies. In spite of what you’ve heard, chemistry isn’t just physical attraction (although that’s important), its also about personality, conversation, body language and energy. Words can kill chemistry, so here’s two phrases… Continue reading →

4 Behaviors That Predict Divorce

Your relationship is not perfect. But no-ones perfect, so expecting your relationship to be perfect is probably not the right approach. However, relationship psychologists can predict which marriages will end in divorce 93% of the time. How? By looking out for these 4 ‘relationship-killing’ behaviors. Learn them & avoid them at all costs: Contempt:  a virulent… Continue reading →

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