Dating has changed, there's no doubt about it. In today's hyper connected modern age, there are more ways to meet someone new than ever before. But does that mean it's easier to meet your special someone? Well that depends, if you're looking for a casual 'hook-up' the answer is likely 'yes'. If you're looking for a lasting relationship the answer is 'probably not'. In fact, the golden rules of matchmaking have changed very little and are still the keys to finding someone compatible with you:
  1. Chemistry happens in the real world: regardless of how good (or bad) someone's profile looks to you, the only way you can determine chemistry is to meet someone in person.
  2. Interested and interesting: finding someone interesting, and they you, is another key to true chemistry. Remember: what they 'like' is much less important than what they 'feel'.
  3. Similar outlooks on life: no, you don't have to be the exact same as someone to click in person, but sharing the same viewpoint on important issues (family, education, travel, etc.) can be a good foundation for a couple to build upon.
  4. Respect: physical chemistry (at least a little bit) is important, but even more important is mutual respect. Without it, even strong physical chemistry can fizzle out after the initial rush.
  5. Laughter: no matter how funny (or not) someone appears in the virtual or online world, finding them funny (and they you) in the real world can be an important factor in long term happiness. It's less about telling jokes and more about making you smile when you think of them.