In the world of dating, you’ll get EXACTLY what you put into it. In other words”: ‘good’ dating skills will lead you to success, and ‘bad’ dating skills will lead you to failure. If you’re looking to meet your special someone, avoid these 5 chemistry killing dating habits:
  1. Not into it:  giving your date the impression that you’re not interested from the outset will likely end a date before it even begins. Even if you’re not feeling chemistry at first – remember that true connections happen over time, and are rarely built only on initial physical chemistry. Make an effort & be engaged, who knows – you may end up with a friendship out of it, or more!
  2. My time is more valuable than yours:  constantly re-scheduling or changing the date arrangements last minute sends the signal that you don’t respect your date’s time. You may think this shows how interesting and full your life is, in fact it sends the message that you’re not worth investing time in.
  3. The stories I could tell:  talking about your online dating & Tinder ‘horror’ stories on a date may seem like a good idea at the time. But it won’t take long before your date calls for the bill – to avoid being featured in your future dating stories.
  4. All about me:  there’s nothing more annoying than spending an evening with someone who won’t let you get a word in edgewise. Be self-aware and aim to spend roughly equal times talking and listening on your date.
  5. Checklist dating:  if your date feels like an interview, its a good sign that its not going well. Avoid asking too many ‘checklist’ questions on a first date (what are your relationship goals? Do you want a family? How long have you been single?, etc.), and put more focus on making the date a fun and enjoyable experience for both of you. There’ll be plenty of time for more serious questions once you’ve made it successfully through a first or second date.