Do you think your looks are the most important factor in attracting a partner? If you answered 'Yes!', you're wrong. Although looks do matter, it's what's beyond your looks that's matters most for relationship-minded singles. So put down your mirror & focus instead on these 5 proven chemistry-creating qualities:
  1. Confidence without arrogance:  feeling self-confident is good. Feeling superior - not so much. Feel good about yourself, and make an extra effort to make the person you're with feel even better about themselves. This creates a virtuous cycle of romantic success.
  2. Optimism:  everyone wants to feel good, and being around people who see the glass as 'half-full' makes life feel that much better. Be that person he/she looks forward to seeing that makes their day complete. Here's a hint - making others feel happy will make you happy too.
  3. Kindness:  no matter what you look like on the outside, its your heart that matters most.  Good looks, after all, will fade over time (yours and theirs). Show the person you're with that you truly care - not just about them, but others too (yes, that includes the restaurant staff & even the taxi driver on the way to your date).
  4. Genuine interest:  everyone wants to feel listened too - particularly if they're looking for a relationship partner. Ask engagement questions, and practice active listening when you're together. You'll make a stronger impression by truly listening that you ever will by doing all the talking.
  5. True to your word:  when you connect with someone new, you need to follow through. If you say 'I'll call you' or even  'let's get together again', then make it happen. If you can't stick with your commitments when you've just met someone new, why would they think that you're worth investing time in?