Did you ever wish you looked liked somebody else? A movie star, a model, a good looking friend or acquaintance? In today's photo-obsessed world, it can seem that looks matter more than ever. Particularly with online dating apps, where you're often judged based only on your profile photos. Although its natural to want to look like a movie star (who are we kidding!), this truth may shock you: looks aren't the only (or even most important) factor is creating desire. In fact, the secret to creating 'long term desire' is not something you're born with, its something you can develop & improve. Master this dating habit and watch your dating life soar:
  • Be Engaging On Your Date.
  • Why?  When you are truly engaging with someone on your date, you make them feel special and important. Although your date may forget small details about your date, and even overlook your less than perfect looks - they'll never forget how you made them feel.
  • How?
    • Greet your date with a warm and sincere smile, and a genuine positive attitude. Positive vibes are contagious, as are negative ones.
    • Be a good & active listener:  if there's one skill you can and should work on to have more success in your love life, it's becoming a better listener.
    • Keep it positive:  no-one wants to spend time with someone who brings them down. Be the 'glass half-full' person in their life.
    • Get to know the real them:  avoid scripted or boring conversation topics - aim to have meaningful conversation about things that truly matter to them.