Its been said: you spend half your life finding love; and half your life trying to keep it alive. So what's the secret to "happily ever after"? Its not magic, but its not automatic - here's 3 things that will keep your love alive:
  1. Work it:  if you're looking for a 'quick & easy' solution for long term relationship bliss, I have some sobering news - successful couples work at it. A lot. Here's the problem with 'magical' romantic chemistry - it can disappear as quickly as it came. Focus on those things you can control, like how much effort you put into making your relationship work.
  2. Don’t fix the bad. Increase the good:  relationships don't fail because of an increase in conflict, but because of a decrease in positive feelings about your partner. Stop trying to change each other - you are who you both are, that won't change - and focus instead on doing things together that make you happy: travel, movies, culture, outdoor activities, dancing, or even curling up occasionally with a glass of wine and Netflix.
  3. Forget romance. Think excitement:  remember your first date? I'll bet it was fun & even exciting - now you're on the right track! Yes, chilling on a sofa and watching a movie is fine, but whenever and wherever you get the chance, do something exciting. Take a trip somewhere you've never been, go to concert or a comedy show. Life (and love) is to be lived.