In our hockey mad city, and nation, "normal" life stops when the NHL playoffs begin. But do non-hockey fans have to put their dating lives on hold too? The answer: absolutely not! In fact, playoff season can be an opportunity for Vancouver singles (hockey fans and non-hockey fans alike) to kick start their dating life. Here's the secret:
  1. Feel the energy: its hard to get excited about Vancouver spring weather; so anything that creates a buzz in the city should be seen as a welcome sign for Vancouver singles. When else can you find a local pub or lounge jam packed on a Sunday or Monday evening!
  2. Fake it 'till you make it: don't let your lack of hockey knowledge slow you down; show some interest and join in the fun... you'll find men folk are often more open to chatting at a sporting event.
  3. Target intermissions: if you do want to say hi to someone new, aim to do so in the 20 minute break between periods, or before/after the game... trying to strike up a conversation during the action may lead to a very cold shoulder.
  4. Pick your spots: if you are planning a date night with a Canuck fan that you've recently met, best not to choose a night where the Canucks are playing. Spending a first or second date with a Canuck fan on playoff game night is akin to introducing them to your family after a first or second date: ie. not advisable!
  5. Keep it simple: trying to have a deep conversation at a crowded and noisy sports lounge or pub can be frustrating. Try exchanging numbers at an early stage and arranging to meet up again on another, quieter evening.