First dates are an important part of the dating process which, when done successfully, can help you identify a compatible relationship partner.  Here are some tips on what to say, and not say, on a first date:

Top 3 Best First Date Conversation Topics:

  • Where are you from?: a classic ‘ice breaker’ question that is sure to get things off to a positive start and lead to other interesting conversational topics.
  • What was the most fun thing you did this past winter?: keeping your questions and the conversation positive is an important element of a first date.
  • Tell an interesting travel story: talk about a fun trip that you have done recently, and ask your date partner about their favorite travel story.

Top 3 Worst First Date Conversation Topics:

  • Past relationships: avoid delving into past relationships… there will be plenty of time for this at a later stage when you both know each other much better than on a first date.
  • Why are you still single?: this is an awkward question that may put your date on the defensive… keep it positive.
  • Are you interested in marriage/kids?: again, there will be plenty of time to discuss this in the future once you have connected, but not on a first date.