With the Christmas season now in full swing, many singles are asking themselves: 'What should I get for my special someone?' The key in successful gifting, as in dating, is this: meaning always wins out over money. Here are some gift ideas to help you win the heart of someone special, and some to avoid:
  1. Best: for the traveller in your life - try a travel guide or photo book of someplace you know the person wants to travel to some day.
  2. Worst: an all expense paid weekend away to someplace the person doesn't want to go to!
  3. Best: for the sports enthusiast - try a sports accessory that you know they need, a portable water flask, a good workout shirt or a heart rate monitor are often must-haves for the wanna-be athlete.
  4. Worst: a fad diet book or a book on 'how to get sculpted abs in 10 days'.
  5. Best: for the culture lover - make or buy and nice card with a personalized message; include 2 tickets to a cultural or music event that you know they'd love to attend.
  6. Worst: a piece of tacky art.