They say modern technology is supposed to make your life easier and more 'hassle free', but is that true in dating? Many Vancouver singles will tell you their answer is 'No!'.
Although online dating and dating apps have become more popular, and there are more online profiles for you to review, it's also become more time consuming and, in some cases, more frustrating.
The secret to your dating success is to have a strategy. Here's 10 tips on how you can get one, fast!:
  1. Focus: being proactive in dating is good, but trying so many dating options at the same time that you get overwhelmed is not. Rome was not built in day, nor should your dating life be.
  2. Have a life: no matter how keen you are to meet your special someone, don't just focus exclusively on dating. Spending quality time with friends and family can be a necessary counter-weight to your busy single life.
  3. Take a break: if dating is beginning to feel like a job, take a few weeks off from dating. You'll get better dating results when you're feeling more relaxed, so consider it a sound investment.
  4. Laughter is the best medicine: the key to successful dating is a positive attitude. If you're not feeling it, look at your dating life as though it were a popular reality TV show. The ability to laugh at oneself and ones 'so-called single life' is an attractive and liberating quality.
  5. More than looks: yes, chemistry is an important element in dating but by focusing only on looks you'll likely miss out on some great catches; possibly even 'the one'.
  6. Nothing is free: if you are online dating, consider using one of the paid online dating services vs. the free online dating sites. The cost factor will serve to screen out some of those who aren't really 'invested' in dating or serious about it.
  7. Don't be fooled: if you're online dating, remember that not all photos posted are current or accurate so basing your decisions on photos alone is not the best bet. Also, those who have incredible photos posted (accurate or otherwise) are likely overwhelmed with emails. On the other hand, that other profile which sounds more intriguing but with an average photo, might in fact be a better match for you.
  8. Go old school: put your computer and smartphone down and get outside, or hit a new neighborhood with some friends for a few drinks. You'll be surprised how well an old fashioned 'hi, how are you?' works in today's modern world, particularly in Vancouver.
  9. Hire a Pro: if you're a busy single, or looking to meet compatible, relationship-minded matches, hiring a personalized matchmaking service like Executive Search Dating makes sense. Call us today at 604-462-8743 (604-Go-Cupid) and we'll do the rest.
  10. Quality vs. quantity: the core of whichever dating strategy you choose should be LESS dates but MORE quality matches. If you're finding this hard to do, refer to point #9 above!