Dating is like a good book – without a good beginning you may never make it to the end. No you should never lie, but you also don’t have to tell ‘the whole story’ on a first date.

The key to successful dating – and to finding your special someone – is striking the right balance on a first date: telling each other about yourselves without getting into too many ‘complicated’ details.

Here’s the list of things you should and shouldn’t reveal on a first date:

  • SHOULD:  what you feel passionate about.
  • SHOULDN’T:  what you really dislike.
  • SHOULD:  what are some activities you enjoy doing, and doing together with someone.
  • SHOULDN’T:  why you broke up with your Ex, or past relationships in general.
  • SHOULD:  what subjects you enjoy talking about and why.
  • SHOULDN’T:  things that annoy you about people.
  • SHOULD:  what you do for a living and why you got into that line of work.
  • SHOULDN’T:  why you hate your job.
  • SHOULD:  what qualities you admire or enjoy in people.
  • SHOULDN’T:  whether you want a family and/or how many kids you’d like to have.