There's an old saying "Don't believe everything you hear", and nowhere does this apply more than in the dating world.  Here are some dating TRUTHS you can rely on:
  • Truth #1: Dating, and in particular POSITIVE DATING, is the BEST way to find a compatible relationship partner.
  • Lie #1: Dating is a pure numbers game; the more dates you go on the better your chances of finding someone special (in fact, quality of dates is as or more important than quantity of dates).
  • Truth #2: Physical chemistry is not just about someones look; it also includes personality, sense of humour, attitude, and other factors.
  • Lie #2: Physical chemistry can never grow stronger over time, only weaker (in fact, chemistry can grow once you get to know someone and find areas of compatibility).
  • Truth #3: A first date is NOT the best time to decide on whether someone is a great match for you; a second or third date with someone, when both of you are more relaxed and open, is a better time to determine if you have true compatibility.
  • Lie #3: If you don't feel an immediate and powerful 'spark' within the first few minutes of a first date, you should rule that person out as a potential match for you.