They say social media has changed everything, but has it changed dating? Has it made it easier (or harder) to find a lasting relationship? In other words: does getting more 'likes', lead to more 'Love'? The truth is this: learn the rules of social media dating, and you may just turn a 'virtual relationship' into 'a relationship'. Here are the rules of social media dating: DO: meet in person. Real chemistry happens in the real world. Put your computer or Smartphone down and meet someone for a coffee or casual drink. Only by meeting someone in person will you know if there is romantic potential. DON'T: mistake 'Friending' with 'Meeting in person'. Both have value, but if you're serious about meeting someone, prioritize face-to-face meetings over virtual connections. DO: follow up! If you've enjoyed meeting someone, tell them so with a simple note, message or text afterwards. Common courtesy and kindness are never outdated. DON'T: be creepy. If someone's not interested in you, 'Facebook stalking' or 'Sexting' them will annoy them, and likely ruin any chance that they'll introduce you to their hot friend who might be perfect for you! DO: take your time. Not everything in life is made to happen at the speed of light. Take the time to really get to know somebody by spending quality time together, doing things that you both enjoy. DON'T: rush it. Changing your Facebook status to 'in a relationship' is not an acceptable way of letting someone know you want to be with them. Talk about it first, and respect their feelings if they would prefer to keep your relationship status private. DO: be social! Dating is a numbers game, so connecting with new people on social media can expand your personal network, and put some spark in your dating life. DON'T: be a 'text spammer'! Sending endless texts or messages to someone before meeting them in person can send the message that you're not serious… or simply not someone they want to meet in person. DO: be open-minded! Social media is here to stay, and helps many people feel more connected in their world. Whether you love it or hate it, be respectful of your partner's views on social media, even if they differ from yours. DON'T: blog about your date! Unless you've discussed it with your partner, avoid sharing your experience (good or bad) with the world. In the world of dating, privacy matters.  

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