You Might Be More To Blame For Your “Lousy Love Life” Than You Think

Have you ever asked yourself: “Why does my love life suck?”… the answer might be staring right back at you in the mirror.

Dating can be hard, particularly if you’re busy and looking for something real; and don’t want to waste endless hours searching online dating sites.

But here’s the good news: you are in charge of your love life. It may not feel that way, but its true.

How you ask? Simply follow this 5-step formula, and your love life will be back on track before you know it:

  1. Your most important asset:  your health and wellness is the most important thing in your love life (and your life). If you wake up in the morning and feel terrible, your love life will simply not happen. Start taking better care of yourself –  take a yoga or dance class, go hiking, hit the gym – it’ll make you feel (and look) great… soon, your love life will too.
  2. Focus on what you can control:  worrying about meeting your special someone won’t by itself make that person appear. But here’s what will – next time you’re out socially, approach someone new and say ‘hello’. It’ll feel awkward at first, but before long it’ll become more natural. Maybe you won’t meet that special person right away, but it’ll make you feel good about yourself – and that’s a great start.
  3. Lose the attitude:  here’s who doesn’t want to hear about your lousy love life – that person sitting right in front of you. If there’s one sure-fire chemistry killer, it’s complaining about your dating life while on a date. Keep it positive. If you don’t feel positive – fake it!
  4. It doesn’t matter what you do, just do:  there’s all kind of ways to meet someone new besides online dating – take a cooking, dance or sailing class, attend an art gallery opening or another cultural event; or try dinner or drinks someplace new with a few friendly friends (single & non-single alike). Find something you like doing & there’s a good chance you’ll meet like-minded people there too.
  5. Get serious:  you wouldn’t buy a house without some professional help would you? Then why not hire a Professional Matchmaking Service (like Executive Search Dating) to help screen & select matches that are right for you. There’s a reason why matchmaking services are thriving these days – they work! Contact us today at and we’ll start matching you with fantastic, relationship ready singles right away. You’ve nothing to lose but your single life.