4 Things You Can Learn From A Bad Date

March 20, 2024

In a perfect world, all your dates are spectacular. Conversation sparkles, laughter flows and chemistry happens. Unfortunately dating – and life – is not that perfect world.

Bad dates happen to everyone. But it doesn’t have to ruin your relationship chances. In fact, learning from your bad dates is an important part of achieving dating success. Here’s how:

  1. Self awareness:  the first and most important part of moving on from a bad date, is to understand exactly what went wrong.  This starts with thinking through where things went off track. Was it something you or they said? Did things get too personal too quickly, or not personal enough? Fixing problems is easy – discovering the problem is the hard part.
  2. Less me, more them:  its hard to pick just one thing that leads to bad dates, but a good place to start is by focusing MORE on your date, and LESS on yourself. Even if you’re not feeling chemistry with the person you’re with, do your best to help them have a good time. Even if you’re not interested in a second date, leaving a good first impression is always a good policy.
  3. Be open:  in some cases, particularly where you felt the date went really well but your date partner didn’t, consider asking your date where things went off track. This is a risky strategy – so use with caution – but it might be worth trying if there’s someone you’re really interested in seeing again. If it’s simply that they don’t feel ‘chemistry’, then consider going down the friendship route.
  4. Keep moving forward:  regardless of the situation, don’t let a bad date (or two, or three) stop you in your tracks. Do your best to learn from past dates, but mainly focus on being yourself, staying positive and being truly interested in the person you’re with.  If you’re simply not meeting the right type of people – or don’t have the time to do so – consider joining a personalized matchmaking service like Executive Search Dating. Visit www.ExecutiveSearchDating.com or call us today, toll-free at 1-833-551-0221 to book your free consultation.