The holidays have arrived, complete with images of happy couples and families celebrating together. But what if you’re single? Well, there’s good news! Canadians can be notoriously chilly when it comes to meeting new people, but that all changes when Santa comes to town. The secret to finding your special someone under the Xmas tree this year? • Dust off your party clothes! The holidays are peak party season’, so take advantage of it! • Channel your Christmas Cheer! People are feeling friendly this time of year, so use the ‘magic’ holiday season approach line – “Merry Christmas” – early & often. Here’s 10 ways to meet someone new this holiday season: 1. Get your (Xmas) party on:  instead of waiting for someone to throw a Christmas party, throw one yourself. Be sure to ask your friends to invite their single friends too. 2. The Year’s Best Approach Line:  and it only comes around once a year – “Merry Christmas” – use it early and often at every social event and situation this year, and Christmas cheer will soon follow. 3. More grins, less Grinch:  being negative is rarely a good approach in meeting someone new, particularly at Christmas. Unless you’ve decided that you want to remain single forever, put on a brave and positive face and you’ll make a far better impression. 4. More ‘yes’, less ‘no’:  don’t be afraid to double book yourself – it’s peak party season but that doesn’t mean you have to commit one entire evening to one party. Pop by a few parties – the more the merrier – but be sure to ask for that special someone’s number before you go. 5. Learn how to mingle like Kris Kringle:  the key to meeting someone new at a busy party is to not spend the whole night talking to one person (particularly if you already know them and they’re not single). Do the rounds when you arrive; you can always come back later for a longer chat with someone interesting. 6. Tag along:  who says you only have to go to friends’ parties? In fact, the chances of meeting new people are increased when you go to a party of people you don’t know. If you find yourself at a loss for words – refer to point #2 above! 7. Office events, but not yours:  of course do attend your own office party, but avoid making a scene you’ll later regret. A friend’s office party, however, can be a more relaxed and effective way to meet other single professionals. 8. Be like Rudolf (and light the way):  if there’s someone you’ve been meaning to ask out, a fun Christmas party or holiday event might be just that perfect occasion. Hint: an event with your family is almost certainly not! 9. Hire a Professional:  Professional Matchmaking Services like Executive Search Dating consider December to be ‘peak dating season’, with lots of busy singles & professionals looking to meet new people. Give us a call, you have nothing to lose but your single life! 10. Turn the page:  the holidays can be busy (and stressful) for some, so don’t add to that stress by worrying about meeting your perfect match before Christmas Day. Look to meet some new people during the holiday season, and be open to re-connecting with them in January, when everyone’s social calendar goes from being “Busy” to “Empty”!