No matter how great you are on the inside, it's often someones first impression of you that matters most. Especially on a first date. If your date goes off the rails, you'll likely never get the chance to show someone the 'real you'. So how do you make sure your first date goes well, and leads to a second and third date? Start by NEVER saying these things on a first date!:
  1. Why are you single?:  this question puts your date on the defensive right off the bat... right after they finish answering it, they'll likely be asking themselves 'why am I here?'
  2. How's your dating life going?:  similar to the first question, this can make your date feel awkward - should they say it's going well or terrible? Either answer can lead you into a dating minefield.
  3. I hate my job:  no matter what you think of your job, a first date is not the time to get into details about it. Focus instead on getting to know each other, there'll be plenty of time to talk in more detail about your job on a second or third date.
  4. How much do you make?:  this question is inappropriate in virtually any situation, and particularly on a first date.
  5. Who did you vote for?:  cliches are cliches for a reason, they are often true. And that old cliche about not discussing politics with someone new... well, that's also true.
  6. Do you believe in God?:  similar to point 5 above, this may be an important issue for you, but a first date is not the best time to discuss it. Save it for a later date.
  7. I'm so tired:  saying you're tired, even if you actually are, sends a clear message that you're not interested in your date. Be energized on your date. If you're not feeling that way, fake it.
  8. You look different than I expected:  making any comments or questions about someone's appearance can often lead your date to feel self-conscious - not a good first date vibe. Unless you're giving your date a sincere compliment, avoid comments about their appearance entirely.
  9. When was your last relationship?:  avoid asking overly personal questions like this one on a  first date. Assume they're single and looking for a new relationship... after all they are on a date with you!
  10. What are you looking for?:  bringing your dating checklist to a date is almost always a bad idea. Asking this question is basically asking your date to bring out theirs.
  11. I... I... I... I...:  talking about yourself the whole date is a sure-fire chemistry killer. Take a genuine interest in your date, and your chances of a second and third date will be far higher.