Are you sabotaging your own dating success without even realizing it? You might not think you have a dating ritual, but you do. Even if you don't date often, you likely have some habits (good and bad) that you use each and every date. If you're ready to find your relationship, start by eliminating these 2 toxic dating thoughts:
  • They're not right for me:  at some point on every date - sometimes before it even starts - you start thinking about why someone is not a good fit for you. You may not even realize you're doing it, but subconsciously you probably are.
    • What to do instead:  don't try and overcompensate by forcing yourself to think why they ARE a good fit for you - your best bet is to not even think about whether they are a good fit or not. Work on being present in the moment and enjoying each other's company without regard for the future prospects.
  • I'm not right for them:  this thought tends to come right after the first - particularly if your date turns out to be very attractive or appealing to you. Again, you may not even be aware you're doing this at a subconscious level.
    • What to do instead:  try not to think of your date as a meaningful moment that has life-changing ramifications - look at it simply as a chance to meet someone new and interesting. Not worrying about whether you're a good match or not will actually increase the chance of a successful date; one that leads to another date - and this is the only objective of a first or second date.