Month: August 2018
How To Get Your Date To Like You, According To Matchmakers

Before someone "Falls In Love" with you, make them "fall in like" with you first. Physical chemistry matters on a date (of course), but Matchmakers will tell you this: its NOT the most important predictor of a successful relationship match. What is? Being with someone who makes you feel good. But how can you make… Continue reading →

The Most Successful Couples Master These 2 Skills

Relationships are like snowflakes: every one is different. That means you too. But here's the catch: successful couples almost ALWAYS share two key skills. Learn them, and your chances of finding (and keeping) your special someone will increase dramatically. Here's the 2 key skills, and how you can master them: Communication matters:  when it comes… Continue reading →

The Best Answer To ‘Why Are You Still Single?’ On A Date Comes Down To Two Parts

You're on a date and you feel its going well. Then, all of a sudden, everything changes. Why? Because your date asked you 'That' question: "Why are you still single?" So how are you supposed to answer it without sounding defensive, offended or sad? Well it's easy, and it comes down to these two parts:… Continue reading →

7 Unavoidable Questions To Ask Your Partner Before It’s Too Late

So you've met someone new, and things are going great - fantastic! But before you get REALLY serious, its time for some serious questions. Dating works best when you're having fun - keeping your first few dates light and casual is always your best bet. But at some point, there are some 'serious' questions that… Continue reading →

3 Underrated Traits That Will Help You Find Your Relationship

Looks matter - in dating & in life. But what if you don't look like a movie star? Even better. You may notice someone's 'outer qualities' first, but its their 'inner qualities' that will determine your true relationship compatibility. Here's 3 underrated traits that will help you truly connect with someone new - more than… Continue reading →

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