Are you ready for a relationship but tired of endless dating? Great! Now consider this: your relationship happiness tomorrow may depend upon dating choices you make today. What choices you ask? Here's the 3 key dating choices you're faced with, and how to make the right ones:
  1. The 30 second rule?:  a common mistake singles make (particularly singles eager to find someone special), is to use initial physical chemistry to determine someone's potential suitability as a partner. Our Advice: Don't. Yes, chemistry is important, but it's not the only thing - in fact, there are many other factors that are MORE important than chemistry when it comes to long term relationship success (ie. communication, commitment, commonality, etc.).
  2. The numbers game?:  in today's dating app obsessed world, its easy to think that the more dates you go on the more likely it is you'll find someone special. Our Advice: Not True. Of course, meeting new people is an essential part of finding someone, but meeting people who aren't serious, or who are the exact opposite of what you're looking for will not help you, and may even hurt your relationship chances. Put down your phone and try some other methods of meeting someone new (through friends, work associates, or a matchmaker!).
  3. Throw away your checklist:  having said that, being so selective on who you meet will also not bring you dating success. Dating/relationship checklists (particularly long ones) do two things - they screen out matches that might actually be a good fit for you; and they turn dates into interviews - which will almost certainly be a turn off for your date. Our Advice: worry less about 'long term compatibility' on a first or second date - focus more on having a fun date (for you and them). If you're lucky, the future may just take care of itself for you