If you've ever thought to yourself "I can tell if someone's a good fit for me right away!", you're wrong. It's true, you may or may not feel strong physical chemistry right away, but the REALLY important qualities that make up a great match aren't always apparent on the surface. Not everyone is a good first date, but that doesn't mean they're not a great match for you. So next time you're on a date that's fizzling, try these 3 date-saving strategies - your future relationship success may depend on it:
  1. Fake it 'till you make it:  dates tend to go in one direction or another - good dates get better, and bad dates get worse. If you're on the bad date side of this equation, you need to change the momentum, and fast! Smile, laugh and look like you're genuinely enjoying yourself - it just might be the positive spark the date needs.
  2. Uncover their passion(s):  when a dates not going well, it often comes down to boring or stale conversation - with both parties talking about things that interest them, but not the other person.  To avoid this vicious cycle ask your date the following question: "What are you most passionate about?" You'll be surprised how much more fun someone is when they're talking about something they love.
  3. Change your dating default setting:  sometimes, no matter what you do, a first or second date just fizzles. Instead of giving up on someone, change your dating default setting FROM "I'll only see someone again if the first or second date is amazing." TO "I'll plan on seeing someone a second or third time, unless I see absolutely no chance of even a friendship with them." Not only will this increase your chances of finding your relationship, you'll likely end up with some good friendships along the road.