You hear two views on dating today: either its the 'Dating Apocalypse' or its the 'Golden Age of Dating'. So, which is it?
Here's the key to deciding: you must separate the dating 'facts' from the dating 'lies'. Here's 3 lies that will STOP you from having dating success.
  1. A profile is a person:  actually, no it isn't. To see what REALLY makes someone tick, you need to meet them in person.  It's also the only way to know if you really 'click' with them in the real world. Turn off your Smartphone and focus on getting to know the real person behind the profile.
  2. What's on the outside matters more than what's on the inside:  in fact, the opposite is true. Yes, looks matter - who are we kidding - but ultimately its whats on the inside that will create lasting chemistry and attraction with someone. Change your dating default setting FROM: "I'll only see them again if the first date is incredible", TO: 'I'll see them a second or third time unless the first date is terrible". That doesn't mean that every frog will turn into a prince or princess, but you'll likely end up with a more fulfilling dating life, and some awesome new friends too.
  3. What's important for me today will ALWAYS be important:  take it from a Matchmaker - this isn't always true, for two reasons:
    1. As you move through life you change, and your criteria change too - you may have been a 'party animal' in your 20's, so meeting someone who liked to go out all the time was important. But in your 30's, 40's and beyond that may be less important than, say, someone who has a good job and is more relationship-minded.
    2. Even more important, meeting someone who you really connect with can CHANGE your perspective on important matters - maybe having a family or kids wasn't a priority, until you meet a fabulous man or woman who you could see raising a family together with. The only thing constant in life is change - embrace it and you'll have the winds of life and love at your back, not the other way around.