In today's new world of dating apps, it seems like everyone's just looking for a quick hook-up. As meeting singles online has become easier (ie. swiping on photos vs. reading online profiles), today's dating apps are less about "love connections", and more about "looks connections". But what if you're looking for more than just casual sex? Well, there's good news: relationship-minded singles AREN'T just looking for sex. They're looking for more. If you want to avoid an endless cycle of casual hook-ups, start focusing more on the things that are REALLY important - here's 3 of them:
  1. Long-term happiness:  sex is an important element in successful relationships, but if your connection is purely physical it will likely fade over time. If you're looking for a lasting relationship, make an effort to get to know the 'real person'. At their core, great relationships are great friendships.
  2. To feel like a winner:  everyone wants to feel like a winner. If spending time with someone makes you feel good - beyond just sex - you're far more likely to develop a real & lasting connection. If you find yourself waking up the next day feeling blue, it might be a sign your casual hook-up is not built to last.
  3. Deeper connection:  physical chemistry, no matter how strong initially, can fade over time unless there's other things to connect you. Sharing important values, views on life & family, and future goals are an important aspect in long-term relationship success. Added bonus: as your connection gets deeper, the sex gets better too!