You may hate first dates - or you may enjoy them. But here's one thing for sure: how your first date goes will DRAMATICALLY impact your chances of finding someone special. This may sound stressful, but its not - it's simple, and it begins with these 3 dating steps:
  1. Focus on the things you can control:  chemistry is a mysterious force - sometimes its there & sometimes its not. Worrying about it won't help; in fact, it might make it worse. Focus instead on being the best version of yourself; let Mother Nature do the rest.
  2. Mindset change:  instead of thinking of your date as a potentially life-altering moment in your life, just look at it like a fun chance to meet someone new. Doing this will make you FEEL less nervous, and LOOK more confident - both of which will INCREASE your chances of making a good first impression.
  3. Be the virtuous cycle:  make every effort to enjoy your date - in particular, make sure your date enjoys themselves. This will make you feel good & increase the chances of a 2nd date (which should ALWAYS ask for). This will make you feel better & more confident on your next date, which will increase your success chances even more. Next step: repeat.