The problem with dating sometimes, is that you're on your own. In other words, there's often no-one there to tell you what you're doing right or wrong. So, if you're not having success in dating, the question is this: what are you doing wrong (if anything)? Step one: don't panic. Step two: make sure you're not making these 3 classic dating mistakes!
  1. No time to waste:  when you're ready for a relationship, it's hard not to feel pressure to make one happen NOW! Unfortunately, that's not really how dating works. Your best bet on a first or second date is to spend time getting to know the person you're with, and make sure you're both having a good time. When dates start feeling like 'interviews for a life partner', you'll find your dates asking for the bill before you know it.
  2. All about me:  sometimes in the pressure of the moment it's easy to fall into the trap of spending the whole time talking about yourself. This can leave the impression that you're not interested in your date or, worse yet, that you're a bit full of yourself - neither of which will lead you to dating success. Aim for an equal balance of talking and listening on your date, and show a real interest in your date partner.
  3. Ho hum:  coming prepared for your date with some basic conversation topics is fine, but beware of being so scripted that your date conversation seems stale or even boring. The best topics to talk about are often ones that come up during your date - things that you're both interested or even excited about (Music, movies, travelling, etc.). If your date finds your conversation stimulating or even exciting, chances are they'll be looking forward to seeing you again... soon!