With August now behind us, it’s normal for singles to feel a little bit melancholy about the coming of fall.  Particularly if they didn’t meet anyone special over the summer.  However, there is good news: September can be a GREAT time to meet other ‘relationship ready’ singles… here are 4 reasons why: 
  1. Fall focus: summer is fun, but tends to be hectic and busy for many singles, so it’s often hard to find time to date high quality singles.  September naturally brings more focus to one’s personal life.
  2. Vacation season is over:  with the holiday season behind us, there are simply more singles in town (tanned and fresh from their holidays) to choose from.
  3. The Indoor season is coming: with the longer evenings approaching, singles naturally turn their thoughts to finding someone to spend quality indoor time with.
  4. Indoor events abound: with the start of the NFL football, hockey and basketball seasons just around the corner, sports pubs and lounges across our sports mad city will be filled with singles looking to connect over a drink.